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Stock fundamental data, more options available

Thursday, 24. October 2013

Barchart’s Market Data API Enables Seamless Integration of Data Feeds to Your Website

By rglanz, 10:34

Market data feeds can be part of your website, no matter what kind of software you are running. Barchart offers market data API (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDK (Software Development Kits) that make it easy for companies and clients to connect to data feeds, regardless of whether you are interested in displaying real-time, delayed, end of day, or historical data. These APIs are available as server-side components for institutional data feed customers. They are also available on the client side for application developers or ISVs (independent software vendors).

With Barchart, you have the choice between three different code-based APIs. Your tech team can decide which is best suitable for integration into your website. You’ll have access to a .NET, Java, or COM/Win32 market data API, any of which make writing a high-performance application or system much simpler. Their APIs offer access to normalized exchange data in DDF formatted—This affords seamless integration for the market feeds that you wish to post.

With the .NET API, you’ll receive .NET 2.0 Framework that is written in fully managed C# code. Sample code is provided, and source code is available. For the Java API, you will not need any external native libraries. It also comes with sample code, and source code is available. The legacy API of COM/Win32 is still available.

Market feed APIs have all the documentation, code samples, and one-on-one technical support necessary to make the data integration process efficient. Additionally, Barchart’s broadcast feeds are available in DDF (Digital) format, which compresses and consolidates direct feeds from each exchange.  Barchart Market data also furnishes broadcast market feeds in raw or original exchange format, such as FAST/FIX, CTS, and UTP. They can also provide On-Demand or Query/Response data feeds that utilize HTTP transfer in CSV, HTTP, and FTP formats.

Once this process is finished, Barchart can continue to manage direct exchange connectivity. They also manage feed handling and data normalization, database storage for historical time series access, and APIs for the server and client side processing and connectivity. Barchart’s goal is to simplify the way your applications and systems connect to market data sources. They also strive to reduce the costs of managing market data services in-house.

Barchart is an expert at integrating market data feeds with your website software. For more information about how Barchart’s market data API can make reliable data feeds available on your website, contact Barchart Market Data Solutions at

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Trustworthy Information Provided by Barchart Market Data for Websites

By rglanz, 10:24

Market data can now be included on your own website! Whether you have a financial, agricultural, or news media website, the market data feed of your choice can be seamlessly integrated onto your site. When your clients, customers, and website visitors seek data and information that is accurate and reliable, you can now provide them this information. Offering the data they need will help raise your reputation among your competition and cause your website visitors to return again and again. Where can you find these comprehensive data solutions? Turn to Barchart Market Date for websites.

Barchart Market Data Solutions furnish your website visitors with interactive, informative, and valuable content. This content is fully customizable—You choose the data and format of the content that is delivered to your website visitors. Choose whether your audience needs country-specific data, global, regional, or asset-class specific coverage. Your unique data feed can cover stocks, indices, mutual funds, commodities, currencies, and interest rates. Add portfolios, quotes, charts, alerts, screeners, and financial calculators. Give your website visitors a birds-eye view of the market with financial news and weather information, too.

Here’s how it works: Barchart’s solutions are provided as managed services, and they host and maintain the content posted on your website. They also deliver data feed based solutions where you can host and maintain the content, if you wish. These feeds feature direct exchange connectivity, low-latency processing, multiple connectivity options and APIs. Best of all, you can trust all of the data and information that Barchart provides, because they incorporate multiple layers of data quality assurance.

Barchart supplies your website visitors with technically-exact information. They have been in the business of meeting the data needs of financial, energy, agricultural, and media business for over 80 years. In fact, in 1934, Barchart’s Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) was created to provide data, chats, and research to the commodity industry. Within the last 30 years, Barchart continued to transform their means of data delivery with the advent of the Internet. Today, Barchart maintains their position at the forefront of designing a wide variety of data feed solutions and content for integration into websites.

Receive a full range of market data feed solutions, available as real-time, delayed, end-of-day, and historical market data. The sky is the limit with Barchart Market Data for websites. Visit for more information about how to enhance your company’s website with a dependable data feed of your choice.

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Attract Website Visitors by Including a Comprehensive Market Data Feed on Your Site

By rglanz, 10:20

Gone are the days when traders needed to keep their television monitors on 24/7, tuned to a stock market channel, to view an up-to-the-minute data feed. Companies can now host a myriad of data feeds on their websites. And the information isn’t confined to only real time or delayed data, either. Historical and end of day data for websites is available, as well. You could actually host a custom market data feed on your website, geared to serve the needs of your unique visitors.

The data feeds that Barchart Market Data Solutions provide hosted website content and tools that traders need to make sound investments. Their Market Overview provides a clear presentation of the current state of financial markets using a snapshot of equity, index, fund, commodity, currency and interest rate market data. To round out their Market Overview, they also include an updated summary of key economic data and news.

Barchart’s website content solutions also include separate sections that provide stock, fund, commodity, and currency data. You can filter these sections as you please. For instance, you have the ability to drill-down to specific stocks while having a complete set of tools at your fingertips. Users can easily filter through investment options using their own criteria in the Funds section. The Commodities section allows users to access information on global commodity inputs. The Currencies section includes special tools for analysis, such as a cross-rate table and a currency converter. The Interest Rates section offers added information, covering treasury, agency, and corporate fixed income. Mortgage rates are also a key investment tool that is used to monitor the market.

With Barchart Market Data Solutions, users have the ability to customize and maintain their portfolios and alerts, making for a more interactive experience with financial data that is of importance to them. Investors can actually use services like screeners and financial calculators. This interactive experience will help you to build a loyal base of website visitors—They will return again and again for data and information that helps them make sound investment decisions.

Contact Barchart Market Data Solutions today to discover how including a market data feed for your website visitors can enhance your their experiences. Barchart has supplied reliable real time, delayed, historical, and end of day data for websites since 1995. Visit for more information.

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Choosing the Right Stock Market Data Feed Solutions Provider

By rglanz, 10:16

End of day data feed services, just like real time, delayed and historical data feeds, come with many different uses and provides a wide array of benefits to the end user. Individuals and companies use this data in order to obtain accurate historical prices, as well as reference information for their own websites, systems or applications.

These services can be in the form of currency, commodity, financial derivative and stock market data feed. They are also available for a number of other financial investment tools. It is through this data that market traders are able to properly analyze and make the best buying and selling decisions. There are many different ways to utilize such data feed services, one of which is to make an immediate or on-the-spot financial decision. In addition to this, end-of-day data feeds can also be used to predict or foresee changes and movements (increases or decreases) in prices.

All of these roles that data feeds play are crucial in the strategies of traders and investors. However, these can only be obtained through the best market data feed solutions. If you are in need of a provider of such services, it is important for you to know how to make the right selection from the numerous companies that provide market data feed solutions. There are actually a number of ways for you to ensure that the one you choose is indeed the provider of the best market data feed services.

Timeliness, accuracy and reliability of services
Whether you are in need of currency, commodity, financial derivative or stock market data feed solutions, you need to ensure that the end result will be delivered to you on a timely basis. You also need the information to be accurate and reliable, as you will use this in your buying and selling decision making process.

Length of time providing market data feed services
You want to work with an end of day data feed solutions provider who knows exactly what needs to be done, so experience is a very important factor to consider. Experience comes with the length of time that the service provider has been in business, so it is definitely better for you to choose one that has established a name for itself in this particular industry.

With market data feeds being a complex process, it is important that the solutions provider you choose to work with has all of the qualities and features discussed above. One such provider that meets all of these standards (and even exceeds them) is Barchart Market Data Solutions. Barchart has provided currency, commodity, financial derivative and stock market data feed services for almost 8 decades now, which is proof of the high quality services you can expect. To learn more about this market data feed solutions provider, visit now.

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Features to Look for in Stock MarketData Feed Solutions

By rglanz, 10:09

Do you need a stock market data feed solutions provider? If so, you definitely want to work with a provider that has extended experience providing such services. It is also important to be sure that the solutions provider you work with utilizes tools that can provide accurate information. The market data feed solutions provider that you select should also provide a wide array of feed services for other data, such as currency, commodities, financial derivatives and other financial investment instruments.

However, with so many providers of real-time, raw exchange, query or response, historical market and end of day market data feeds, how will you choose the right solutions provider? Locating an accurate, timely and reliable market data feed service can be tricky, not to mention time consuming. As long as you know the qualities to look for in a data feed service, finding the best solution is much easier than you think.  To ensure that you get the best service and solution, here are some of the most important features to consider.

Market data sources
In addition to providing stock market data feed solutions, does the service cover other sources? You definitely want to work with a data feed service provider that also covers other financial investment tools such as futures, index, foreign exchange, equity and commodities. A solutions provider who offers coverage for a wide range of market data sources is proof of the company's capability, ability and expertise in this particular industry.

Market data feed output options
Are you specifically looking for an end of day market data feed solution? You may also be interested in getting real time or delayed market data feeds. Additionally, you may want to be provided with historical data feeds, seeing that these play a crucial role in helping you determine, predict and foresee possible price changes and movements in the future. All of these data feed output options have their own benefits and uses, which is why you definitely want to work with a service provider that offers all of them. The more options you have, the better chances you have getting the best data feed service.

Types of compatible formats
How do you want the stock market data feed to be delivered to you? There are many different types of compatible formats that you can choose for your market data feed results, including query or response, streaming, CSV, JAVA, XML and .NET. Make sure that the market data feed solutions provider you choose offers the format that you want and this format is compatible for your business use.

Since you would like the solutions provider to have all these qualities, you should choose Barchart Market Data Solutions. Whether you are looking for delayed, real time or end of day market data feed, Barchart is your best choice for accurate, timely and reliable services. Visit now.

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End of Day Data Feed Servicesfrom Barchart Market Data Solutions

By rglanz, 10:04

Market data is trade-related price data that encompasses currency, commodities, financial derivatives, stocks, and a number of other areas. It is through this data that market traders are able to analyze and come to their buying or selling decisions. This information is often used by traders to make immediate and on-the-spot decisions. However, it is also commonly used to identify market trends over time by analyzing historical data. There are several types of market data services that are offered and one of these is the end of day data feed. 

Market data feed solutions play an important role in the lives of traders, as these are used to identify trends. The ability to identify trends from the analysis of historical data is one of the most crucial parts of the strategies implemented by traders. Historical data analysis allows traders to make predictions and foresee any potential price movement in the future, which is very important in this type of industry. Because of the vital role of data feeds, the number of market data feed solution providers are increasing.

With a greater number of solution providers of market data feeds, including end of day data, both individuals and companies may find it hard to choose which company is the right one. This is where Barchart Market Data Solutions come into play.

Barchart Market Data Solutions is one of the longest running market data feed solutions providers dating back to 1934. With almost 80 years of experience, this particular solutions provider has substantial and extensive experience catering to the information and data needs of the agricultural, energy, financial and media industries. In addition to this, Barchart now supports real-time BATS data feed. This is one of the main reasons individuals and companies choose the company's end of day data feed solutions.

Some of the features of Barchart's end-of-day data feed services include the following:

  • Enhanced capabilities for error checking
  • HTTP or FTP delivery of data
  • Covers equities, foreign exchange, futures and indices markets
  • Daily delivery of updates and historical data

In addition to this, Barchart Market Data Solutions offers a wide array of other data feed services. These include the following:

  • Broadcast real-time
  • Delayed
  • Raw exchange
  • Query or response (on-demand, XML)
  • Historical market
It is also important to note that since Barchart Market Data Solutions ( now also supports real-time BATS data feed, the end users can further benefit from the services it provides. With BATS BZX exchange being the 3rd largest securities exchange in the United States, the BATS data feed offers information to clients that will prove to be invaluable.

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How Can a Market Data Feed Enhance the Experience of Your Website Visitors?

By rglanz, 09:50

Market data is not just for those interested in the latest financials. A market data feed can also be integrated into websites that are not necessarily financial websites: News media and agencies, data and information providers, agricultural and energy firms, public companies, software providers, and academic institutions. In fact, real-time, historical, and end of day data for website visitors can enhance the end-user’s experience, regardless of your company’s primary field of business.

For instance, data solutions designed for agricultural and agribusiness can be used for grain elevators and co-ops, merchandisers, and brokers. Livestock yards, feedlots, and farmers also need this data, as well. And of course, ethanol plants, bio-energy firms, crop insurance companies can utilize this information. Agribusiness service providers and agricultural software and tech firms need market data feeds, too. Website solutions can also include commodity-based feeds and cash grain prices. These solutions are also available for the mobile user. Posting commodity/futures, stock, foreign exchange, index quotes, and cash grain prices will provide your website visitors a complete picture of what is happening in today’s current agribusiness.

Market data solutions are also perfect for energy companies. Energy brokers, trading firms, and risk management firms provide this data to their website visitors who are interested in investing in energy companies. Market data solutions are also designed for plants and processors of oil, gas, electricity, clean energy, ethanol, and bio-energy. Besides displaying current commodity, stock foreign exchange, and index quotes for energy-based websites, fundamental and technical data, charts, analysis, news and weather are all important feeds to visitors that frequent energy websites. 

Even media websites utilize market data feeds to enhance their websites. Data feed solutions can be customized for newspapers, magazines, news agencies, online news media, publishing companies, television and radio stations, and reporters and news analysts.

All of these business sectors can utilize custom data to improve the loyalty of website visitors to their brand. A market data feed that includes real-time data, delivered in raw or consolidated format. This data can also be delivered in a delayed environment. Historical end of day and historical intraday data feeds can also interest your website visitors. Historical data can be delivered as a database that can be maintained by the third-party website, or can be delivered on-demand, getting historical data to you when your end-user demands it. End of day data for website displays can cover global financial markets. All of these market data solutions are available through Barchart Market Solutions, the leader in the evolution and delivery of market data and information from around the globe. Contact them at for more information.

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